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People are more likely to recognize a logo before the recognize a brand name. After all, some corporate Logos are among the most famous symbols in the world. A logo should embody your brand image, give your target audience something to remember you by and set your business apart from the competition. For these reasons, it's extremely important that you get the design just right. After all, the logo is something that you going to want to stick with for a long time. By capturing the essence of your brand, a great logo will complement your company by appearing on all your correspondence, website and other media.

The problem with logo design or any other kind of branding is that it tends to be very expensive, prohibitively so for small startups. While you need a professional design, paying a graphic designer to do the job for you is not likely to be affordable. On the other hand, using generic paint programs is not likely to lead to professional results. Fortunately, there is a different solution, one that allows you to create a professional logo of your own for a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional designer. Logo Design Studio provides the tools you need to create a professional business logo.

Even if you feel like you don't have any creative skills, Logo Design Studio is designed with a minimal learning curve in mind and the tools you need to get the job done quickly and unleash your creative potential. If you're not quite sure where to start, you can also choose from thousands of professionally designed templates and small graphics. You don't need any special knowledge, since the interface is easy to learn and designed with the goal of helping you create a professional logo in last time. All templates and graphical elements are fully customizable and royalty-free. There are no less than 2000 professionally designed templates and 6000 small vector images to choose from. Best of all, everything is conveniently categorized by industry.

If you're looking for uncompromising special effects that lend a unique flair to your Logos, you also have a powerful set of editing tools at your disposal. Adding text is also a breeze. You can choose from numerous different text effects, such as circular text, bubble text, outlines, shadows and wavy lines. You can easily place text inside images and other graphical elements. The only limit is your creativity. Even if you start with a template, you can change it as much as you want to feel free to experiment until you get the results you're looking for.

If you need an easy way to design a logo that perfectly complements the image of your brand, then look no further than Logo Design Studio. Without compromising on professionalism and quality, it offers a minimal learning curve and a wide range of features without bombarding you with the complexities often found in traditional vector-editing programs. Visit today to find out more or checkout our detailed guide.

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Every brand starts with a logo. That's why corporate logos are among the most familiar signs in the world. Chances are, people remember your logo before they learn to memorize your brand name. Being a defining feature of your company, you should take every possible step to ensure that your logo features of professional and instantly memorable design. This vital image is what captures the essence of your brand and will appear on all your correspondence and advertising materials. Nonetheless, many small businesses and startups have limited funds, making it impractical to hire a professional designer or pay for expensive and complicated vector-editing software. Fortunately, there's now a solution that will give you the results you want without costing a fortune.

Simple Editing Tools

Logo Design Studio Pro is the alternative you've been looking for. With this after at your disposal, you don't need to be a creative expert, and neither do you need to pay for professional small graphics designer. Instead, you can unleash your creativity by choosing from a huge database of templates and clipart images to help you get started. Even if you have no experience working with vector-editing programs, the professional tools allow ease of use and complete flexibility. They are intuitive and give you complete control over the whole editing process from the beginning to the end. For example, you can drag Bezier curves around until you find the perfect shape. Since everything is created in vector graphics format, your creations will also scale to any size without distorting.

Thousands of Templates and Clipart at Your Disposal

Even if you do have some creative talent, you'll probably need some inspiration to get started. That's why Logo Design Studio Pro provides a selection of templates that can help you to get started. All templates are royalty-free and fully customizable. There are no less than 2000 to choose from, and they all conveniently organized by industry category. Similarly, you will have access to around 6000 clip art images, which also organized by category. If you still find yourself needing more to work with, you can choose from a range of addon packs. All graphical elements are composed of vector nodes, which enables complete customization and scaling to any size.

Of course, you can create a vector graphics in many programs. Nonetheless, most of these programs are professional computer aided design platforms, which feature a large learning curve. By contrast, Logo Design Studio Pro only provides the tools you need to get the job done, without bombarding you is superfluous features of. Thanks to the intuitive set of controls and minimal learning curve, you will have all the tools you need to create professional logos an hour or even less. Afterwards, you can even add slogans of taglines to your logo using the included text editor.

If you're ready to get started with building your brand, then look no further than Here, you'll also find extensive documentation as well as further information and expansion packs for the main program.

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Most of us store sensitive information on our computers, such as payment details, personal information, login credentials, private collections of photos and other files and much more. If you intend to recycle, donate or sell any computer or data-bearing hardware, then you're going to want to make sure that private information is securely deleted. Unfortunately, it is not possible to get rid of the files for good simply by deleting them and emptying the Recycle Bin. In fact, that process does nothing more than mark the space that was previously occupied by the file as available for new file operations. In other words, until something else overwrites the original data, it will be easily recoverable using any specialized data recovery software. So, if you have something you want to get rid of, you're going to need a solution like [email protected] KillDisk to take care of it.

How Hard Drive Sanitation Works

Securely deleting a single file is not a reliable method of getting rid of a single piece of sensitive data. The reason for this is that older versions of the file could be stored in different physical locations on the disk. In this case, overwriting the deleted data with ones or zeros does not guarantee success, since any deleted copies of the file stored elsewhere on the drive will be unaffected. Similarly, in the case of modern solid-state drives, which most computers now use, the location of deleted data and the creation of new data is entirely controlled by the drive's firmware. In other words, no third-party program can have control over how the data is stored, deleted and accessed. That's why a complete hard drive sanitation solution like [email protected] KillDisk offers the only certain way to completely erase everything on a drive

Unlimited Possibilities

As the result of many years of research and development, [email protected] KillDisk is extremely good at its job. The latest version sports many improvements which include a redesigned user interface and improved visualization throughout the erasure process. Now, you can easily and securely wipe any number of hard drives as well as any other digital storage devices that may be written to. It handles drives better than ever before thanks to improved support for hot-swapping and handling of disks with read/write errors. You can even have the computer automatically shut down after all jobs have been completed. The revamped console supports ATA Secure Erase for SSD drives, network mapping, network sharing and modern 64-bit UEFI Secure Boot, as well as regular legacy boot. The program also ships with the latest edition of [email protected] Boot Disk Creator, allowing users to access the functions within a self-contained operating environment.

[email protected] KillDisk comes with a new licensing policy for erasing multiple drives in parallel, and the packages have been simplified to three different versions instead of seven. As such, customers can enjoy greater scalability and flexibility without the extra complications that often come with it. If you're ready to get started with version 11 of the world's leading hard drive sanitation software, visit today and test out the free trial.

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If your computer simply refuses to boot up, then you might think that all hope is lost, and it will be necessary to send it in for repairs or, at best, reinstall Windows and lose all your files. Fortunately, however, there is another way thanks to LSoft Technologies' [email protected] Boot Disk software. This powerful software suite provides a wide range of tools to help you repair your computer, access files and much more. From data recovery to disk imaging to secure data erasure, [email protected] Boot Disk is one of the industry-leading disk utility suites on the market. It works through an entirely self-contained boot environment as well. This means you can use it even if your computer won't boot or if your hard drive doesn't even have an operating system installed. The self-contained boot environment allows you to perform various tasks, all independently of your computer's operating system.

Backup and Recovery Tools

Making sure you're prepared for the next massive cybersecurity attack is about more than just running the latest antivirus software. You should always keep important data backed up, but it's not always easy to tell exactly what needs to be archived. [email protected] Boot Disk includes the latest disk imaging software for making a complete, byte-by-byte copy of all the data on your hard drive or other storage device. This is also useful if you want to replace your hard drive without having to completely reinstall your operating system and all your programs. It's also great in business scenarios, when you might need to upgrade multiple computers at the same time. Aside from disk imaging, [email protected] Boot Disk includes everything you need for recovering existing disk images, recovering deleted data and restoring lost or damaged partitions.

Independent Operating Environment

[email protected] Boot Disk provides an enormous degree of functionality all from the convenience of an optical disk, USB flash drive or memory card. Even if you don't have a hard drive installed in your computer, this software suite provides a wide range of tools for completing common computing tasks. Included are various Internet utilities for browsing the web and checking your email. There are also remote desktop, Telnet and FTP clients for accessing remote resources over a network. Included document viewers allow you to preview many different types of file, which is also very useful when recovering or securely erasing data. The included image viewer supports virtually every type of image format you're ever likely to encounter. Other common PC tools, such as a calculator, task manager, registry editor and partition manager are also included.

Securely Erase or Recover Deleted Data

[email protected] File Recovery, [email protected] Partition Recovery and [email protected] KillDisk are all included in the software package. With the recovery applications, you can recover deleted data, formatted disks or deleted partitions with ease. However, if secure data erasure is your goal, then the [email protected] KillDisk utility will make certain that deleted data will never be recoverable, since it will meticulously overwrite it with zeros. If you're selling or donating your PC or hard drive, this is a great option to have.

To learn more about [email protected] Boot Disk, visit today.

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System Mechanic continues to evolve to improve functionality and performance. It includes new optimization features for Windows 10, designed to increase privacy and reduce internet bandwidth demands. This artice shows the results of iolo Labs comprehensive and reproducible benchmark testing.


  • The UltraBook's HDD averaged performance gains of over 44%.

  • The high-performance nature of the Desktop's state-of-the-art SSD contributed to its limited improvement.

  • The lower-end SSD- and HDD-based systems saw more significant increases.

  • The aggregate score (across all PCs) for Drive Performance was: 18% improved.

For separate hard drive results for each of the PCs, see the chart below.

Drive (Primary Storage) Performance Improvement (%) after running System Mechanic

The following tools within System Mechanic were designed to help contribute to this increased hard drive performance:

Program Accelerator™ uses patented calibration technology to realign program data for the fastest possible access. The result is quicker program launches and more responsive drive performance.

Disk Defragmenter consolidates scattered file fragments on your hard drive, boosting file access speed and further increasing drive efficiency.

AcceleWrite™ writes data to the hard disk in contiguous batches to avoid fragmentation before it can occur, resulting in increased read/write speeds and faster program behavior.

All-in-One PC Cleanup combines many tools in one to perform a deep cleaning of the hard drive by safely removing all Windows, internet and registry junk with one click.


To measure gains in drive speed after installing System Mechanic, PerformanceTest 9.0 by PassMark Software and NovaBench 3 by Novawave Inc. tested disk read, write and seeks within disk files as well as input-output operations per second.

Four computers were subjected to the tests five times each before installation of System Mechanic and five times each after. The highest and lowest scores were removed from the sample set, and the remaining three scores averaged to calculate final scores.

Overall, the results of the iolo Labs benchmark tests make clear that System Mechanic can demonstrably improve the performance of the principal components of a PC. Among the wide array of tasks that can be improved are gaming, rendering, streaming, graphic design, office tasks and more.

System Mechanic Pro fixes over 30,000 different problems and errors. It's the complete solution to the root causes of PC slowdown, making it the easiest way to keep your PC performing like new. Visit and get System Mechanic Pro now!

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With all attention now being on new iPhone devices, it is easy to forget about the new version of iOS. While new iPhone models were mostly secret until announcement, everyone could test iOS 11 for months before the official release. In this article we'll cover what you can and what you cannot do with an iOS11 device as a forensic expert. We'll talk about which acquisition methods still works and which don't, what you can and cannot extract compared to iOS10, and what you need to know in order to make the job don't.

Physical Acquisition

With no jailbreak on the horizon, physical acquisition remains unavailable. Even when an iOS11 jailbreak appears, you still have to wait for us to update Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit.

What you need to perform physical acquisition of an iOS11 device?

1. A working jailbreak

2. Device passcode

3. iOS Forensic Toolkit

5. Passcode (again)

Logical Acquisition

There are 2 steps in logical acquisition: acquiring a local backup from the iOS device and accessing information stored in that backup. While in previous versions of iOS logical acquisition was possible once you unlocked the device with whatever methods, iOS11 requires you to enter device passcode in order to pair it with a computer.

To perform logical acquisition, you need:

1. Device passcode OR valid pairing record (lockdown file)

2. iOS Forensic Toolkit

If the user specified a backup password, you need to recover that password first in order to decrypt the content of the backup. The recovery is only possible by running a brute-force or dictionary attack; there are no known weaknesses in iOS11 backups that would allow to bypass the password. Note that password attacks are extremely slow for iOS11 backups. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker supports backups produced by iOS11 devices:

1. You need Elcomsoft Phone Breaker to attack backup passwords and/or decrypt the backup

2. Elcomsoft Phone Viewer 4.0 will be soon updated to support iOS11 backups, you need this version or newer to view and analyze iOS11 backups

Keychain Acquisition

There are still 2 possible methods allowing experts to obtain information stored in iOS11 Keychain:

1. Logical acquisition > Password-protected backup > decrypted keychain

2. iCloud Keychain

In order to access the keychain via logical acquisition, do the following:

1. In Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit, use option "B" (Backup)

2. If backup password is empty, EIFT will temporarily use "123" as a password

3. If backup password is present and it is not known, use Elcomsoft Phone Breaker to recover that password

4. Open the backup in Elcomsoft Phone Breaker

5. In EPB, select "Keychain Explorer" and provide path to the location of the backup

6. Enter backup password to allow the tool to decrypt the backup

7. Now you are able to view, analyze or export keychain items

Cloud Acquisition

iOS11 continues supporting cloud backups. They are still stored in iCloud Drive and are still not accessible without specialized tools such as Elcomsoft Phone Breaker. While internally iOS11 made a number of changes to iCloud backups, the acquisition process still looks familiar except for one thing: Two-Step Verification is no longer supported. All Apple ID accounts that used Two-Step Verification before will be automatically migrated to the much stronger Two-Factor Authentication once the user updates at least one of their devices to iOS11 or macOS High Sierra. Therefore, the acquisition process will look as follows.

No Two-Factor Authentication

1. Apple ID and password or valid iCloud authentication token

2. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker

Two-Factor Authentication

1. Apple ID and password or valid iCloud authentication token

2. If using Apple ID and password: access to trusted device

3. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker

No Notifications in Backups

In iOS11, notifications are no longer part of any backups, local or iCloud. With no iOS11 jailbreak, we have no way to verify whether notifications older than 7 days are still stored on the device or not.

Synced Data

Little has changed in regards to synced data. You still have access to everything you could access in iOS10, and there are no new bits of data added to the synced set. You can still fetch synced call logs, Safari browsing history and bookmarks from iCloud accounts. Contacts, calendars, notes, reminders and mail remain accessible.

In order to obtain synced data from the user's Apple Account, you need the following:

1. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker

2. Apple ID and password or iCloud authentication token

3. If Apple ID/password are used and Two-Factor Authentication enabled: access to a trusted device is required

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Online privacy threats are everywhere! There are many risks to your privacy, whether you're out and about with your mobile device or using the Internet at home. Which is why it's essential to secure your connection and protect your privacy online at all times. But it can be a challenge remembering to protect your privacy every single time you grab your phone or sit down at your computer.

Luckily VyprVPN makes it easy to stay secured, with a variety of automatic settings that are quick to configure and use. Simply set them up once and you're good to go! You won't have to actively think about your privacy or remember to enable settings after that. Features include:

  • Connect on Untrusted Wi-Fi: Connects automatically on ALL Wi-Fi networks except those you have marked as "trusted" (these would be safe networks, like your home).

  • Kill Switch: Kills all Internet traffic if VyprVPN isn't enabled, so you'll never be left vulnerable while browsing. Ever!

  • Connection Per App: Allows you to control behavior on a per app basis, so you can set VyprVPN to always work with certain apps (think about those you'd definitely want security on - like a banking app or anything connected to the Internet, for example).

  • Block Malicious Sites: Automatically blocks all malicious sites, so you cannot mistakenly access those that may be harmful to you.

These features make it quick and easy for everyone to stay protected whenever necessary and desired, without having to remember or go through the effort of manually connecting every time. Be sure to visit the settings within your VyprVPN app to get set up.

Please note, features and settings vary by platform. You can find more information about VyprVPN for Mac here:

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Internet radio live broadcast software is a godsend for radio DJs, widening the scope of your internet radio broadcasting abilities without putting pressure on your time and resources. It's made online radio live broadcasting more accessible for millions of broadcasters around the world.

SAM Broadcaster Cloud is one of the brightest lights in the audio cosmos: a true emblem of what makes internet radio live broadcasting software so fantastic and adaptable. To ready you for the next best tool in your radio DJ arsenal, we've picked four traits that define what you'll be capable of...

You're never offline

Internet connections can be pernicious. Your home server, while pushing itself to glory on most occasions, may slow to a crawl, or go temporarily offline for no discernible reason. This isn't a major issue for most people, but internet radio DJs will be tearing their hair out at a bad signal, especially if it's beyond their ability to fix.

Happily, though, cutting-edge internet radio streaming software functions on a remote, Cloud-based server. It runs at peak efficiency 24/7, meaning your station is never banished from the web.

Multiple streaming formats with Internet radio live broadcast software

MP3, ACC-HE, Ogg... Reading through a list of streaming methods can seem like you're peering at hieroglyphs, vaguely aware that they mean something important, yet without a clue as to their true value.

Thankfully, SAM Broadcaster Pro grants you over half a dozen streaming formats to translate your audio content. However listeners choose to absorb your programming, they'll have options to suit their preferred web player. Add-ons like SAM Cast let you broadcast a show live in several formats at once!

On-air audio processing

After you've managed to create an internet radio station, there should be a guarantee that it'll sound crisp, balanced and free of pops from your microphone. AGC (Automatic Gain Control) is able to take a virtual pickaxe to your audio edifice, sharpening its overall quality in real-time.

How so? Well, it modulates volume so nothing is too loud or quiet, and cuts select frequencies out of your station's blueprint. Set it up to your liking - it'll then add 'equalizer' and 'compressor' effects to the channel, smoothing out any inconsistencies with your sound.

Add more radio DJs to your roster with your Internet radio live broadcast software

Hopefully, you'll nail a brilliant formula for the station, picking up more listeners each month. The time may eventually come when you have to expand your radio DJ team, dispersing the hosting duties to people you trust.

With top-notch Internet radio live broadcast software , you can add more and more DJs as the years drift by, helping your brand grow with demand. SAM Broadcaster Cloud, for instance, caters for 15 additional DJs in the Gold Package, which'll set you up nicely for the future.

Internet radio live broadcast software is packed with great stuff; all it takes is a few clicks on your part to explore what's out there! Head to the SAM products page for more information on the skills, thrills and musical spills you can mop up with Spacial products.

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Accessing the list of apps installed on an iOS device can give valuable insight into which apps the user had, which social networks they use, and which messaging tools they communicate with. While manually reviewing the apps by examining the device itself is possible by scrolling a potentially long list, we offer a better option. Elcomsoft Phone Viewer can not just display the list of apps installed on a given device, but provide information about the app's version, date and time of acquisition (first download for free apps and date and time of purchase for paid apps), as well as the Apple ID that was used to acquire the app. While some of that data is part of iOS system backups, data on app's acquisition time must be obtained separately by making a request to Apple servers. Elcomsoft Phone Viewer automates such requests, seamlessly displaying the most comprehensive information about the apps obtained from multiple sources.

In this how-to guide, we'll cover the steps required to access the list of apps installed on an iOS device.

Step 1: Create a password-protected backup or download an iCloud Backup

In order to access the list of apps installed on the device, you may use either a local backup or a backup downloaded from iCloud.

Local Backups

While we always recommend creating a password-protected backup as such backups allow accessing a wider range of data compared to non-protected backups, the list of apps is available in unprotected backups as well.

We recommend using Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit for making the backup (use the "B - Backup" option in the main menu). However, Apple iTunes can be also used.

Important: if you are a mobile forensic expert, using a specialized tool such as iOS Forensic Toolkit is recommended for making a backup. While iTunes can be used, Apple's tool may introduce unwanted artefacts by synchronizing the device to the computer. iOS Forensic Toolkit does not attempt to "sync" iOS devices; instead, it invokes a single function of making a backup.

Note: if you are using iOS Forensic Toolkit to produce a backup, the tool will automatically set a temporary backup password. The password will be "123"; you will need to use this password when opening the backup with Elcomsoft Phone Viewer.

iCloud Backups

If you choose to download an iCloud backup, use Elcomsoft Phone Breaker and select Download from iCloud - Backups.

Step 2: Recover backup password

This step is only required if the backup is protected with an unknown password. If you know the password (or specified one during the first step), skip this step and go directly to Step 3.

If you are using a cloud backup, skip this step and go directly to Step 3.

To recover the password, do the following:

1. Open Elcomsoft Phone Breaker

2. Password recovery wizard | Choose source | iOS device backup

3. The list of available backups will be displayed. At this point, you may select an existing backup from the current PC.If you are processing the backup extracted on a different computer or created with iOS Forensic Toolkit, select "Choose another" and specify path to the manifest.plist

4. Default attack settings will be available. If you are content with default attack settings, you may begin the attack by clicking the "Start recovery" button

5. Once the password is discovered, it will be displayed

Once the password is recovered, you may optionally decrypt the backup in Elcomsoft Phone Breaker. Alternatively, you may open the backup in Elcomsoft Phone Viewer, in which case it will be decrypted automatically (although you will need to supply the backup password).

Step 3: Open the backup in Elcomsoft Phone Viewer

In order to access the list of Wi-Fi networks and view the list of installed apps, you will need to use Elcomsoft Phone Viewer 3.50 or newer.

1. In Elcomsoft Phone Viewer, open the backup

2. If the backup is encrypted, provide backup password in order to decrypt the backup

3. Once the backup is opened, select "Applications". The list of installed apps along with all additional details will be displayed

A working Internet connection is required to pull additional details such as the app's first install date. If no Internet connection is present, the list displayed will lack some details. If you are analyzing a cloud backup downloaded from iCloud or iCloud Drive, very little data will be initially available. Elcomsoft Phone Viewer automatically retrieves additional properties for each app from the list. This operation is performed in a background thread, and starts immediately after you open the Applications view. While the data is downloading, you may continue analyzing the data available in other sections.

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In previous articles, the results across four different PCs have included nearly 90% average faster boot time and an over 39% average gain in download speed. Here we look at the gains observed in CPU, or processor, power.

The data show that the CPU-tuning tools PowerSenseā„¢ and OptiCoreā„¢ in System Mechanic can significantly improve processor performance by boosting core clock speed and prioritizing your current tasks in real time.


  • The aggregate score (across all PCs) for CPU Performance was: 17.25% improved.

  • The test PCs with 2 to 4 cores had impressive improvements of nearly 30%.

For separate processor results for each of the PCs, see the chart below.

CPU Performance Improvement (%) after running System Mechanic

The CPU is one of the most important PC components responsible for smooth, responsive computing. WindowsĀ® does not always default to taking full advantage of its capabilities, however, due in part to factory settings generally favoring power conservation over maximum speed.

But today's high-demand tasks - whether online video gameplay, movie and music streaming, office multitasking, or 3D graphic design - often require the processor to be fully unleashed.

OptiCore automatically perceives which among your running programs is the current priority task, and allocates system resources accordingly. For its part, PowerSense can override sluggish Windows default settings to unpark idle processor cores and rev them to maximum clock speed when using high-demand apps that require more raw CPU power. The result is a faster PC that smoothly and capably meets today's complex computing challenges.


Performance metrics were collected during tests run five times before and five times after System Mechanic was installed on each of the four Windows machines, with the scores averaged to deliver results across the following categories:

  • PC Boot Time

  • Internet (Download Speed)

  • CPU (Processor)

  • RAM (Memory)

  • GPU (Graphics)

  • Drives (HDDs and SSDs)

To measure processor speed improvements, the benchmarking tools NovaBench, PerformanceTest and GeekBench performed CPU stress tests. During these, the PCs each performed compression, encryption, floating point arithmetic, integer arithmetic and MD5 hashing tests.

Make your computer safe, fast and optimize it for peak performance with System Mechanic 17 Pro. The freeware version is also available. Discover System Mechanic Free at

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