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[email protected] Data Studio by LSoft Technologies is one of the industry-leading disk utility suites, providing a wide range of tools needed to diagnose and repair problems and carry out various low-level disk and data tasks. Whether your goal is to restore deleted data or lost partitions, securely erase data or troubleshoot a computer that won't boot, this powerful set of applications provides all the features you need.

Independent Operating Environment

[email protected] Data Studio is the ultimate package of disk utility tools, since it includes all the products developed by LSoft Technologies. All tools may be run from the self-contained operating environment provided on a bootable external drive, optical disk or memory card. Once set up, you can run the software suite independently of your operating system, which also means you can use it even if the computer won't boot or if you don't even have a hard drive installed. This provides a great opportunity to carry out various important tasks, particularly when it comes to backup, maintenance and troubleshooting. No longer do you need to feel limited by the abilities of your everyday operating system!

Powerful Disk Sanitation Tools

Most people assume that emptying a recycle bin or formatting a drive is a completely final process whereby the data is gone for good. However, this is not the case, since the original data remains hidden on the drive until something else overwrites it. This can take months or even years, and there's no guarantee of it ever happening at all. If you're planning to donate or sell your computer, this could present a problem. After all, most of us store sensitive information on our computers, including login and password details for the numerous online accounts many of us use.

By booting up the computer with [email protected] Data Studio, you'll be able to access [email protected] KillDisk 11, the latest version of LSoft's industry-leading disk sanitation software. Additionally, the included disk editor and other tools can give you a complete visual and data-driven overview of your hard drives and other storage devices, so you know exactly where your data lives.

Effective Disaster Recovery

Every business and individual needs to have a robust data recovery system in place. Data loss is easily the most common computer-related complaint that people have. [email protected] Data Studio provides a critical final line of defense by letting you recover files on formatted drives or those which have been deleted from the recycle bin. There's also a disk imaging tool that allows you to create a byte-by-byte copy of data on your drive, including your operating system, programs and personal files. This method helps minimize the risk of human error by ensuring all data is backed up, and nothing is forgotten about. You can then upload the disk image to the cloud for safekeeping.

[email protected] Data Studio is one of the most powerful and fully-featured disk utility solutions of its kind. Whether you're a personal or corporate user, this set of tools will be invaluable for performing a wide range of important maintenance and repair tasks. Get started today by visiting

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Amazing Spider-Man #1.1

Amazing Spider-Man #1.1
English | CBR | 43 MB

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In the world of no jailbreak, acquisition opportunities are limited. Experts are struggling to access more information from those sources that are still available. Every little bit counts. In Elcomsoft Phone Viewer, we've added what might appear like a small bit: the ability to view undismissed iOS notifications. Unexciting? Hardly. Read along to discover how extracting notifications from iOS backups can make all the difference in an investigation!

As you may already know, Elcomsoft Phone Viewer has a useful feature: support for iOS notifications extracted from cloud and local backups. It can show several years' worth of undismissed iOS notifications, which can account for hundreds or thousands of messages.

Why notifications? Because they may contain sensitive information that won't be available anywhere else. Several months ago, a French man filed a lawsuit after his wife learned of his affair from Uber app notifications. According to BBC, "The man says he once requested an Uber driver from his wife's phone. Despite logging off, the application continued to send notifications to her iPhone afterwards, revealing his travel history and arousing her suspicions."

Notifications are an essential part of iOS. Notifications are pushed by pretty much every app that has any forensic significance. Email clients and instant messengers are easy to spot, but that's not all. Notifications are pushed by Uber and taxi apps, booking and travel services, online shopping and delivery services, social networks and banking apps. Unless read or dismissed, these notifications are stored in local and cloud backups. This is where Elcomsoft Phone Viewer extracts them from.

Why "undismissed" notifications only? If the user reads, dismisses or otherwise interacts with a notification (by e.g. replying to an email or instant message), the corresponding file is deleted from the system and is therefore not included into a backup. One more thing. Unlike calls or browsing history, notifications are not shared between iOS devices. There is no real-time sync for them. As a result, analyzing backups (local or iCloud) is the only way to extract notifications.

When using an iOS device, you'll be only able to access notifications going up to one week back - regardless of the actual number of notifications. If you read or dismiss a notification, you won't be able to go back to it. Inside, iOS keeps each notification in a separate file. Reading or dismissing a notification deletes that file, so there's no way to access it afterwards. The good thing, however, is that iOS backs up all unread/undismissed notifications even if they are older than one week. The reason for this is not exactly clear (there is no way to access those notifications when using an iOS device), but we can definitely benefit from this behavior.

For each individual application up to 100 notifications are stored. Older notifications are automatically deleted by the system.

Elcomsoft Phone Viewer allows filtering notifications by application; the default view places apps with most notifications to the top.

Finally, you can export all or select notifications into a CSV file for further analysis or reporting.

What can you expect to see when viewing undismissed notifications? We checked several accounts, and discovered as many as 1200 individual messages going back all the way to 2012. Here's what we've got:

  1. Online banking updates. Our banking app pushes account updates, statement availability, daily balance and transaction alerts as notifications as opposed to sending insecure emails or text messages.

  2. A slew of social network updates including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. This included likes, retweets, friend requests, comments and updates.

  3. Instant messages. We've been able to view complete messages for Skype, WhatsApp and Viber (the only three messengers installed on that device).

  4. Uber: lots of "you've got a car" notifications.

  5. Amazon: delivery notifications and order updates.

  6. eBay: messages, order updates.

  7. DHL: tracking updates.

  8. Home security app: engaging and disengaging alarms.

  9. Email: subject and a few lines of message body.

  10. A bunch of Google Maps and Google Trips updates.

Is this enough to profile a user? Not quite, but it can help a lot. Is there a chance to get all of that data elsewhere? Not if you jailbreak the device and perform physical acquisition. Downloaded mail, banking updates, instant messaging and pretty much everything else on our list is excluded from iOS backups except for notifications, and can only be obtained via physical acquisition or by analyzing notifications with Elcomsoft Phone Viewer.

Learn more about Elcomsoft Phone Viewer and download free trial version at

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Almost every computer user has experienced data loss on more than a few occasions. However, while it is a common problem that most people will have to face sooner or later, that does not mean you should have to worry about losing your precious data for good. Hard drives and other storage devices can fail at any time and without any warning, and that's why you should always have a robust backup plan in place. On the other hand, many backup methods are subject to human error. For example, although you know where you keep your important files, backing up individual folders and files is rarely ideal, since there is always an increased chance of forgetting about something important. This approach is also inefficient if you have a complete system failure that requires you to reinstall the operating system or even use an entirely new hard drive. This is just one of the reasons why drive image software is a must-have.

By creating a complete image backup of the entire storage device, there is no need to worry about missing something important. With TeraByte Drive Image Backup and Restore, you can create a thorough byte-by-byte backup of all the data stored on your device. That includes programs, operating systems, personal files and absolutely any other folders and files stored on the device. Most conveniently, this approach also makes things much easier when you're replacing your system hard drive. Before this was possible, it was necessary to install your operating system and all your files and programs from scratch on the new drive. This process can take many hours, particularly if you have lots of programs to install and/or download from the internet. Instead, using drive image software, you can clone your original drive instead of having to start over every time you upgrade. Thinking of upgrading to a much faster solid-state drive? Then TeraByte Drive Image Backup and Restore provides exactly the tool you need!

More Than Just another Backup and Recovery Tool

TeraByte Drive Image Backup and Restore does a lot more than just create disk images. It's a fully customizable backup and restore suite that includes many useful extra features. You can make backups from many different types of storage media and copy them to external drives or optical disks, and there's a recovery disk wizard included for easily restoring your data or copying it over to another drive or device. To restore your drive image, all you need to do is boot from this recovery disk and restore the partitions and drives you want to recover. Further making matters easier is the fact that the application uses Volume Shadow Copy and PHYLock technology, which lets you continue using your computer while the backup itself is locked to a specific point in time. This way, you don't have to worry about inconsistencies in backups created from drives that are in use. Given that it can take some time to create an entire drive image, this is an especially useful feature.

If you're ready to get started with a new backup and restore strategy, visit today!

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Many people are saying that privacy is dead in the age of social media and internet. However, what really matters is the way you use technology and the tools you use to proactively protect your privacy and security. Unfortunately for a lot of people, they don't understand the consequences of common habits such as connecting to the internet using an unsecured public WiFi network. What's more is that, even using a typical secured home network, websites and anyone else connected to the internet can identify your approximate location and which ISP you use simply by looking at your IP address. Your IP address identifies you on the global network, but it's also publicly available meaning that anyone can see it. However, if you want to browse anonymously and protect your privacy, then VPN for Windows does exactly that. Instead of seeing your public IP, people will only see the address of the VPN server, thereby protecting your anonymity.

Connect with Just One Click

Some people might be baffled by the whole concept of virtual private networking, but that doesn't matter. VPN is designed for the everyday user. That means you don't need to know anything about how the system works or the intricacies of protecting your privacy online. Instead, the program is very easy to set up, and you do not need any special knowledge to get started. In fact, all you need to do is click once thanks to the one-click connect feature. VPN will connect automatically to the fastest server in your area, which will also allow you to connect to the internet without suffering any discernable reduction in performance. The program can automatically connect whenever the connection drops or when you start your computer. During an active VPN session, the program will keep you informed so you always know when your privacy is being protected.

Enjoy Unrestricted Internet Access

Using a VPN isn't just about protecting your privacy - it's also about protecting your right to use the internet without censorship and content restrictions that vary by ISP and geographical location. For example, you can't use Netflix and most other online streaming services outside of your home country. Similarly, websites like Google, which have localized versions, always detect the country you're in and automatically change language and search results accordingly. That's because websites can detect your approximate location by IP address alone. However, by using VPN, you can connect via a server in various other countries, which also makes it appear that you are connecting from the proxy country. In other words, you no longer need to worry about browsing restrictions when you go on vacation or if you live in a country where the internet is highly restricted. VPN offers only hand-picked, high-quality servers in various locations all over the world. What's more is that these servers do not log any information, and AES-256 encryption is provided as well to make your data completely inaccessible to third parties. If you're ready to redefine the way you use and experience all the internet has to offer, visit today.

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WhatsApp makes use of the Open Whisper Signal communication protocol to secure communications with end-to-end encryption. WhatsApp users rely on that security to freely exchange messages, discuss sensitive things and, with limited success, avoid religious and political oppression in certain countries.

WhatsApp: The Bad Guy's Messenger of Choice

WhatsApp is extremely popular, easily being the number one instant messenger in the Western hemisphere. This, combined with its end-to-end encryption, make WhatsApp a popular tool among the criminals. Terrorists, scammers, extortionists and child molesters don't hesitate using WhatsApp to lure their victims, plan and coordinate illegal activities.

London, UK: Westminster Bridge attacker Khalid Masood allegedly sent a WhatsApp message that cannot be accessed by the police because it was encrypted. "We need to make sure that organizations like WhatsApp - and there are plenty of others like that - don't provide a secret place for terrorists to communicate with each other," said British Home Secretary Amber Rudd, trying to urge WhatsApp to provide a backdoor for British intelligence and law enforcement.

Australia government plans to ban end-to-end encryption, going as far as to claim the laws of mathematics no longer apply in Australia. "The only law that applies in Australia is the law of Australia", says Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in a move to demand backdoor access to WhatsApp (and other messaging services) encrypted communications.

UAE already blocks WhatsApp voice and video calls as part of their policy on VoIP calls along with Azerbaijan, Belize, China, Iran, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Paraguay, and Saudi Arabia. Do these countries have a higher crime rate or a higher threat terrorism, or do they block WhatsApp for political reasons?

One thing the governments need to clearly understand: WhatsApp is not a weapon of mass destruction. It's just a reasonably convenient, reasonably secure tool that, for one reason or another, gained a large user base and became extremely popular with consumers. If a government bans encryption in 'big' messengers, they'll have to ban a range of open-source projects that are well beyond their reach and their jurisdiction. The bad guys will simply move to a different platform, of which there is no lack of. It's the regular Joe and Jane who will be left without protection.

WhatsApp Encryption Controversy

The UK and Australia call for banning encryption and forcing manufacturers to include obligatory backdoors into their security systems, arguing that the laws of mathematics don't apply down under. At the same time, the EU proposes quite a different legislation, banning encryption backdoors and making end-to-end security mandatory across most of Europe. Austria proposes a law making it legal for the cops to intercept encrypted messages.

If all those contradicting laws are passed, manufacturers will have a difficult choice to make. They'll have to either provide backdoors and break EU laws; provide no backdoors and break British and Australian laws; or just cease to exist.

USA, Germany Can Hack into WhatsApp Users' Phones

The CIA has developed an exploit that targets individual devices and allows experts to control and access everything on a smartphone, including messages. The thing is, the CIA exploit is all about getting malware onto phones. It's not about breaking, exploiting or compromising WhatsApp encrypted Signal communication protocol.

Following a similar path, Germany passes a law making it legal for the police to hack suspects' devices. The state-managed malware would intercept WhatsApp messages prior to encryption.

Technical Feasibility of WhatsApp-Spying Malware

Is the use of malware by law enforcement feasible? For some devices, absolutely, this could be technically possible. However, installing malware onto any iOS device could be troublesome from the technical standpoint. Even if installed, malware running on an iPhone would have very limited access to device user's activities.

We at ElcomSoft don't believe in malware for the purpose of WhatsApp extraction. We don't believe in hacking the Signal protocol either. And most definitely we don't believe in network-level blocking of WhatsApp or any other secure messenger.

On the other hand, we fully support the effort the law enforcement puts investigating crime. We have tools for breaking encryption for a lot of different formats. We have a tool for breaking into WhatsApp as well. More information is available at

Did we say iPhones are secure, and WhatsApp even more so? Something new is coming from ElcomSoft to extract and decrypt iPhone users' WhatsApp communications. It's just around the corner. Stay tuned.

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Designed with exceptional ease of use in mind, NanoCAD provides all the tools you need to create professional drawings and diagrams. It is a completely free alternative to the much more complicated computer aided design tools. Whether you want to create engineering blueprints, electrical schematics or architectural plans, NanoCAD has you covered with full native support for the industry-standard DWG format.

What's new in NanoCAD Plus 8?

The latest edition of NanoCAD Plus provides a new level of design capabilities. The new dynamic input feature allows designers to enjoy complete control over the fine-tuning of their projects by accessing a command line interface where the mouse pointer is. This tool is suitable for use whether you're editing existing objects or creating new ones.

NanoCAD Plus is designed to work for you. To that end, it offers a fully customizable user interface combined with overhauled tool palettes for quick and easy access to your favorite scripts, blocks, commands and other features. In fact, you can customize just about everything. You can even create your own look and feel for the entire program by selecting different color settings and themes.

Aside from the enhancements to the user interface, the new version also provides many bug fixes and other minor improvements that translate into better performance. With included support for the OpenGL API, NanoCAD Plus also offers perfect compatibility with all consumer- and professional-grade graphics cards.

Seamless Compatibility

Whereas many programs only have their own proprietary file formats, NanoCAD supports the industry-standard DWG format, which is used by most of the mainstream CAN suites. This means you can open and edit drawings created in the popular AutoCAD and other similar programs. In fact, the program even supports DWG files as old as 23 years as well as all the latest versions of the format. Further allowing NanoCAD plus to compete with the mainstream CAN platforms, it provides many useful features, such as hybrid raster and vector editing tools. Other useful tools included built-in spreadsheet editor, notepad and calculator.

Outstanding Support and Updates

NanoCAD Plus is designed to bring computer aided design to everyone. Instead of coming with high upfront and recurring costs, you can try the software for free. Whether you use the program as part of your livelihood, or as an enthusiast designer, you need to know that you can count on updates and customer support. That's why all subscribers can enjoy free access to all updates and prompt customer service. You can also choose from a variety of licenses, including either a standalone workstation license or a floating network license that you can use anywhere.

If you're looking for a CAD package that provides an instantly familiar interface combined with native DWG support and a comprehensive set of commands, then look no further than NanoCAD Plus. Try the program for free today by visiting today. You won't be disappointed! If you enjoy using the program, you can easily upgrade to an all-inclusive subscription program for as little as $180 per year. This includes all updates and ongoing customer support.

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Both at home and in the workplace, cybersecurity has become the concern of the century. Hackers are never going to let up, but that doesn't mean you have to risk leaving your network open to attacks. What every home and business user needs is a reliable way to bring attention to suspicious online activities and how exactly where their network traffic is heading. Protecting your data means taking a proactive approach, and that's why you should never get into the habit of relying on antivirus software alone. You also need a firewall that you can count on, something that can reveal threats that your antivirus software is likely to miss. GlassWire Free Firewall provides that extra coverage for both Windows and Android devices.

Monitor Your Network around the Clock

A lot of people don't take network security seriously, and they end up leaving their devices open to hackers. For example, a typical home wireless network still uses the default router settings and passwords provided by the router manufacturer. This is hardly a secure approach. Nonetheless, everyone should have a way to monitor network traffic. With GlassWire Free Firewall, you'll be able to view a complete visualization of your current and previous network traffic. This data includes geographic location, traffic type and the application using the internet. For example, if someone is using your network and hogging lots of bandwidth, you'll soon be able to identify the culprit. In fact, the easy to understand graph allows you to look up to 30 days back to see what your computer or server was being used for.

Threat Monitoring Made Easy

Aside from monitoring everyday internet traffic and bandwidth consumption, GlassWire Free Firewall of course provides all the security features that you would expect from a firewall. This includes a complete threat monitoring system that automatically reveals hosts that are known threats or those that are participating in suspicious activity. For example, if there are any unexpected spikes in network activity or system file changes, the program will alert you immediately, so you have a chance to review the problem and act as necessary. Since you can also install the GlassWire application on a remote computer, you can also monitor your network and manage possible threats and security vulnerabilities from afar and block any unwanted clients right away.

Protect Your Privacy

GlassWire Free Firewall goes far beyond the basic functionalities of the firewall included in your operating system to offer extensive monitoring and privacy features. The program helps protect your privacy by visualizing all network activity and allowing you to activate an incognito mode for those times you might not want the application tracking your online activity. Additionally, you can easily clear your network activity whenever you want. Ultimately, you will be able to enjoy full control over your network without having to sacrifice your privacy. After all, you're the one in control! If you're ready to lock down your network and regain control over your bandwidth consumption, take a look at today and download the free version.

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People are more likely to recognize a logo before the recognize a brand name. After all, some corporate Logos are among the most famous symbols in the world. A logo should embody your brand image, give your target audience something to remember you by and set your business apart from the competition. For these reasons, it's extremely important that you get the design just right. After all, the logo is something that you going to want to stick with for a long time. By capturing the essence of your brand, a great logo will complement your company by appearing on all your correspondence, website and other media.

The problem with logo design or any other kind of branding is that it tends to be very expensive, prohibitively so for small startups. While you need a professional design, paying a graphic designer to do the job for you is not likely to be affordable. On the other hand, using generic paint programs is not likely to lead to professional results. Fortunately, there is a different solution, one that allows you to create a professional logo of your own for a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional designer. Logo Design Studio provides the tools you need to create a professional business logo.

Even if you feel like you don't have any creative skills, Logo Design Studio is designed with a minimal learning curve in mind and the tools you need to get the job done quickly and unleash your creative potential. If you're not quite sure where to start, you can also choose from thousands of professionally designed templates and small graphics. You don't need any special knowledge, since the interface is easy to learn and designed with the goal of helping you create a professional logo in last time. All templates and graphical elements are fully customizable and royalty-free. There are no less than 2000 professionally designed templates and 6000 small vector images to choose from. Best of all, everything is conveniently categorized by industry.

If you're looking for uncompromising special effects that lend a unique flair to your Logos, you also have a powerful set of editing tools at your disposal. Adding text is also a breeze. You can choose from numerous different text effects, such as circular text, bubble text, outlines, shadows and wavy lines. You can easily place text inside images and other graphical elements. The only limit is your creativity. Even if you start with a template, you can change it as much as you want to feel free to experiment until you get the results you're looking for.

If you need an easy way to design a logo that perfectly complements the image of your brand, then look no further than Logo Design Studio. Without compromising on professionalism and quality, it offers a minimal learning curve and a wide range of features without bombarding you with the complexities often found in traditional vector-editing programs. Visit today to find out more or checkout our detailed guide.

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Every brand starts with a logo. That's why corporate logos are among the most familiar signs in the world. Chances are, people remember your logo before they learn to memorize your brand name. Being a defining feature of your company, you should take every possible step to ensure that your logo features of professional and instantly memorable design. This vital image is what captures the essence of your brand and will appear on all your correspondence and advertising materials. Nonetheless, many small businesses and startups have limited funds, making it impractical to hire a professional designer or pay for expensive and complicated vector-editing software. Fortunately, there's now a solution that will give you the results you want without costing a fortune.

Simple Editing Tools

Logo Design Studio Pro is the alternative you've been looking for. With this after at your disposal, you don't need to be a creative expert, and neither do you need to pay for professional small graphics designer. Instead, you can unleash your creativity by choosing from a huge database of templates and clipart images to help you get started. Even if you have no experience working with vector-editing programs, the professional tools allow ease of use and complete flexibility. They are intuitive and give you complete control over the whole editing process from the beginning to the end. For example, you can drag Bezier curves around until you find the perfect shape. Since everything is created in vector graphics format, your creations will also scale to any size without distorting.

Thousands of Templates and Clipart at Your Disposal

Even if you do have some creative talent, you'll probably need some inspiration to get started. That's why Logo Design Studio Pro provides a selection of templates that can help you to get started. All templates are royalty-free and fully customizable. There are no less than 2000 to choose from, and they all conveniently organized by industry category. Similarly, you will have access to around 6000 clip art images, which also organized by category. If you still find yourself needing more to work with, you can choose from a range of addon packs. All graphical elements are composed of vector nodes, which enables complete customization and scaling to any size.

Of course, you can create a vector graphics in many programs. Nonetheless, most of these programs are professional computer aided design platforms, which feature a large learning curve. By contrast, Logo Design Studio Pro only provides the tools you need to get the job done, without bombarding you is superfluous features of. Thanks to the intuitive set of controls and minimal learning curve, you will have all the tools you need to create professional logos an hour or even less. Afterwards, you can even add slogans of taglines to your logo using the included text editor.

If you're ready to get started with building your brand, then look no further than Here, you'll also find extensive documentation as well as further information and expansion packs for the main program.

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