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As is the case with any business, time is your most valuable community. If there are any repetitive tasks that can be automated, then it doesn't make any sense to continue relying on tedious manual processes. For example, if a considerable part of an employee's daily routine involves synchronizing files between local computers and remote FTP servers, relying on manual processes isn't just time-consuming - it also leaves you open to costly human error. For example, when you need to work with thousands of files and folders and ensure that every copy in every location is kept current, there's a good chance of losing control over versioning. As such, you may end up unwittingly deleting or overwriting the most current version. Not to mention, the whole process of working with traditional FTP clients is incredibly inefficient unless you only need to carry out the very occasional operation. Fortunately, there's a much better way - now you can automate FTP and SFTP transfers with FTPGetter Professional.

Making Your Workday More Productive with Automation and Task Scheduling

Think for a moment about the process involved in changing or downloading a single file using a conventional FTP client. Firstly, you need to log in before navigating through the folder structure, which is typically not nearly as responsive and efficient as using the local Windows File Explorer. When you finally find the file you are looking for, you'll need to manually download it before checking the details to see version information. Then, you will need to manually upload the more recent version of the file or vice versa. Perhaps, if it is something you only need to do on the rarest of occasions, it's no big deal. However, if working with files stored on an FTP or SFTP server is an important part of your routine, then the basic FTP client isn't nearly good enough to handle anything approaching a heavy workflow.

With FTPGetter Professional, you can manage jobs of any size and complexity with multiple FTP servers. Better yet, once you have installed the program and configured your scheduled tasks, it will do all the hard work for you without requiring any additional user input. That way, you can automate and streamline repetitive tasks and rest assured that the program will keep all files current both on the local computer and the remote server. Whether you want to synchronize entire folders or just the odd file, the software has you covered. Furthermore, it supports file masks, thereby allowing you to synchronize files of specific formats only. You can also configure the program to check for file creations at specific intervals and update them on both the local computer and remote server as required. More advanced users will also find great power in the included scripting engine, which lets you create automated tasks of any level of complexity. In other words, FTPGetter Professional is built to adapt to a very specific set of needs, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach. Are you ready to automate FTP and SFTP transfers? Get started today at

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If you've ever played a strip poker game on your computer, then you have probably experienced the awkward graphics and unrealistic features. Thanks to modern technology and innovative design, however, there is now a better way to experience a digital game of poker than ever before. In Art Strip Poker, the clothes of your opponents are realistically painted on. The impressive thing is that they are already naked, and you know it, yet they are covered by a layer of artistically painted on clothes that you remove as you are playing. In other words, it combines artistic bodypainting with all the fun of traditional strip poker plus, of course, many beautiful opponents. This innovative approach is the first of its kind, and your eyes are deceived as you gradually undress your opponent with a few strokes of the paint brush.

Multiple Layers of Paint to Get Through

Just like any other strip poker game, Art Strip Poker is intended to slowly but steadily build up excitement and anticipation. You already know that your opponent is naked, and that you need to peel away painted-on clothes one bit at a time, but the fun doesn't stop there. In fact, there are multiple layers of clothes, just like in real life. You'll first have to get through layers like blouses, shorts and beautiful dresses before you reach lower layers, such as intricately painted lace bras and underwear. Knowing that the girl is 'dressed' only in layers of paint that you can remove with a brush makes the game something entirely new. Thanks to the intuitive interface and unbeatable level of interactivity, it draws you in like no other strip poker game you will ever find. Whether you're an experienced poker player or a complete beginner, you can choose from several girls and difficulty levels to suit your playstyle.

Six Beautiful Opponents to Play Against

Art Strip Poker is a constantly evolving project that aims to revolutionize digital strip poker by combining the power of art with the natural beauty of some of the world's most stunning models. There are six opponents to choose from, including the young blonde-haired beauty Nancy, the fiery red-head Lilly and the raven-haired Enigma. With all the girls, you would never guess that their clothes are painted on, including their underwear. They look like they're dressed, but it's actually just extremely realistic digital body art, thus creating a stunning visual illusion that will always motivate you to keep playing until you have your ideal opponent stripped down completely!

You can download the program today at You can also subscribe to updates so you'll be among the first to hear about new girls and other additions and changes to this popular new strip poker game. If you're still not convinced, take a look at the photo gallery and see which of the beautiful girls you'd like to play with. Will it be Nancy, Sybil, Lilly, Sammy, Enigma or Stacy? The choice is yours, and there'll likely be more on the way soon!

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If you have a multilingual website or program, you may have been in a situation where you needed to quickly translate three lines of text into a dozen languages and do so with top quality
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"At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security", - Jodi Rell.

With Xeoma Video Surveillance Software you'll find your key to safety, order, sanity, and peace of mind. Xeoma is a professional video surveillance software that will suit a system of any size. As a powerful and effective solution, Xeoma will keep an eye on your home, office, business, town, etc.

Xeoma is a cross-platform software - it works on Windows, Mac OS, Linux/ARM, Android, and iOS. Looking for a video surveillance software that supports a wide variety of digital cameras including USB cameras, wireless cameras, integrated web cameras and IP cameras? Xeoma video surveillance supports more than 430 camera brands (analog, IP, ONVIF, USB, H.264+, H.265+, MJPEG, MPEG4, PTZ, WiFi, Fisheye, any resolution). With Xeoma you can connect up to 1000 cameras to one server and use an unlimited number of servers and clients. Do you prefer to use a machine without GUI? Xeoma supports multiple console commands and works stably on OS without graphical shell.

Video surveillance software has never been as user-friendly as it is with this solution. Xeoma software is ready to work right after download: no installation, admin rights or additional codecs required. Autosearch of cameras will begin right after the program is launched. You will get professional video surveillance in 3 easy steps: download - start - enjoy!

Xeoma provides an intuitive interface with a visual construction set-type interface for setting up the various modules of your video surveillance system. The visual editor makes the process of setting up your own video surveillance simple and enjoyable and you can get the job done in minimal time. With this video surveillance solution you can run the software on multiple computers, connect them all together and view the feeds on the server computer.

Innovative video surveillance software with professional functions from intelligent motion detection to cashier register/POS (point of sale) integration, and smoke detector. Xeoma is the best software with flexible video analytics: ANPR, face recognition, SMS/email notifications, detectors of sound, abandoned items, crowd and sabotage, visitors counter, face and objects blur, integration with external devices and smart home systems, PTZ tracking, user access rights, interactive map (eMap), heatmap, embedding to websites, failover, support of IP microphones, Repeater service with access from anywhere in the world, Cloud video surveillance.

Xeoma also includes many other features such as daytime detector, built-in media player, LDAP active directory synchronization, unitor, and remote access. The remote access feature is especially flexible since it allows you to manage your video surveillance network from anywhere in the world where you have an Internet connection, even inside firewall or mobile network. Now it is easy to track e.g. children's activity on computer over the Internet.

We care about our users and are happy to provide favourable terms for our partners:

  • permanent discounts;

  • opportunity to create your own Cloud service - now you can set up your own video surveillance as a service and decide on the terms of offering it to your subscribers at any price;

  • free rebranding - help your subscribers remember and recognize your brand! You can change the name, icon, add your company's address, support business hours, links to your site, etc. Use our free rebranding tool to provide Xeoma under your name.

There are three editions of Xeoma video surveillance software. The free version with the ability to view up to 1000 cameras all at once is available for home use and supports up to three modules in each scheme. The trial version is basically a time-limited edition of the full Pro-version and is perfect for those who prefer to try before they buy. The full, commercial version supports any number of modules and is available in 3 modes:

  1. Lite (basic functionality for up to 4 cameras);

  2. Standard (all the necessary features like Motion and Sound detector, record, notification and many more);

  3. Pro (all the advantages of the Standard edition + professional modules and video analytics).

Since 2004, Xeoma developers, FelenaSoft Company makes users all over the world happy with easy multi-functional video surveillance software. Xeoma is easy for beginners and profitable for professionals and manufacturers. Don't torment yourself with built-in cameras software of poor quality. Improve your security system with Xeoma video surveillance software now! Get your complete video surveillance solution with full functional, flexible settings and innovative graphical interface at

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Computer aided design software is often expensive and complicated to use, with enormous learning curves that can take months to get used to. On the other hand, designers, engineers, architects and other professionals rely on it every day, making it an essential tool in the industry. Fortunately, CAD software doesn't have to break the bank, and neither should migrating from an industry-standard like AutoCAD require a steep learning curve as you get used to an entirely new user interface. NanoCAD Plus offers the perfect solution - something that provides all the features that designers need to craft professional drawings while costing a fraction of the price of many other solutions. It provides an instantly familiar environment for anyone who has used CAD software before, and it is fully compatible with the industry-leading DWG file format. The latest edition sports several welcome improvements as well, including better performance and improved support for the DirectX and OpenGL APIs. That means NanoCAD Plus will take advantage of all available hardware in your computer, including cutting-edge discrete graphics cards.

Native DWG Support Makes NanoCAD Plus a Viable Alternative

One of the biggest concerns that designers have when migrating to a new CAD solution is that they will have to change their formats. After all, when you work with another program, chances are you will have to work with proprietary document formats that aren't compatible with other programs. That's not the case with NanoCAD Plus, which comes with complete native support for the industry-leading DWG format. Furthermore, support for the format is right up to date with the 2018 edition of AutoCAD, so it provides all the same features, and you can open and save DWG files without losing any of the original content. This makes migrating to NanoCAD Plus quicker and easier than ever, no matter how well established you might be with your existing CAD software. Much like its far more expensive counterparts, you will also have access to various advanced features, such as a command line interface that automatically corrects common errors.

Get Started without Paying a Thing

The basic version of NanoCAD is completely free, which gives you ample opportunity to see how it fits in with your business. By prioritizing simplicity, familiarity and ease of use, the program is the perfect choice for both beginners and busy professionals alike. The classic, user-friendly interface works in much the same was as other solutions, plus it provides all the features you need to keep your digital assets workload. Furthermore, there is a built-in editor, notepad and calculator to complement your 3D modelling needs. If you like using the freeware version of the software but find yourself needing access to a greater range of tools, you can upgrade quickly. NanoCAD Plus, for example, provides combined raster and vector editors. Moreover, rather than paying a high up-front fee every time you want to upgrade, you can purchase the professional version on a yearly subscription, which makes it a predictable operational cost instead. If you want to get started, visit

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We rely more on the internet than ever before, but every digital process we participate in generates data. Advertisers use this data to provide targeted and more relevant ads, while others might use it to help deliver better user experiences. After all, there are plenty of ethical ways to use data, but things get a bit more complicated when that data is personally identifiable. For example, whenever you connect to the internet, you have an IP address assigned to your device, which is a unique identifier that tells websites and any other online services and services some information about you and your connection. Most importantly, your IP address encodes your approximate location, particularly your city and country. Other data that any website can easily collect about you is your browser and operating system version. Now that online privacy is he concern of the century, a lot of people understandably aren't too happy about having that sort of information recorded about them.

What Is a VPN, and Why Do You Need One?

VPN stands for virtual private network. It is a type of secure internet connection that reroutes your internet traffic through a third party, thus allowing you to mask your identity and connect to the internet anonymously. In other words, when you are connecting via a VPN, the server (such as a website) that you're connecting to will only see the IP address and other information from the VPN service provider.

One of the most oft-cited advantages of connecting through a VPN is that it can encrypt all your data, which makes it a must-have when connecting through unsecured public wireless connections in cafes and other venues. If you are connected through a VPN, your internet traffic will be safe from anyone listening in on the network and trying to conduct a man-in-the-middle attack. This applies on any network, secured or unsecured, even if you are visiting a website that doesn't have TSL security as denoted by the HTTPS web address prefix.

Using a VPN is much better for security, especially if you regularly work on the move and using public wireless networks. However, security isn't the only advantage - since a VPN allows you to mask your identity, you can use it to get around local restrictions on internet browsing. For example, perhaps you want to watch Netflix when you go on holiday to a foreign country, yet it won't let you access anything outside of your home country. You pay for the service, so it's only understandable if you want to be able to use it no matter where you go. Since a VPN makes it look like you're in the country of the VPN server, you can get around these annoying limitations and view the internet from anywhere however you want.

Why VPN Is the Perfect Solution

Offering one-click connect and a comprehensive list of hand-picked VPN servers all over the world, VPN lets you protect your anonymity and browse the internet in the way you prefer without restrictions. Get started today by visiting

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USB Safeguard is a lockdown application designed specifically for helping you create a password-protected virtual drive where you can store sensitive files using the 256-bit AES encryption algorithm. The virtual drive can be placed on your portable storage devices, such as USB flash drive, HDD, SSD, or memory card.

Portable running mode

You may store it on any portable media devices and carry it with you. The application does not leave entries in your Windows registry and don't write configuration data in your computer.

How it works

When you run USB Safeguard for the first time, you are asked to format the drive before running the program. You should perform this step in order to make sure the tool works correctly and the virtual drive is installed smoothly.

You can protect the virtual drive by setting up a master password. A hint may be added for helping you remember the password in case you forget it.

GUI and configuration settings

The GUI is minimalistic and is designed only for allowing you to input the correct password and gain access to your files.

In addition, it hides a few configuration settings under the hood which can be used for selecting the preferred drive letter from a drop-down list, automatically closing the virtual drive after a custom number of minutes of inactivity, as well as automatically closing the drive via a hotkey (CTRL + ALT + the current drive letter).

Bottom line

All things considered, USB Safeguard delivers a simple and efficient software solution for helping you keep your private files in a password-protected virtual drive, and can be mastered by all types of users, regardless of their experience level.

You can download USB Safeguard from:

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Almost everyone who has ever used a computer knows what it is like to lose data. It is, after all, a common problem that is bound to happen sooner or later. Hard drives, as well as any other data-bearing device, can fail without notice. This is particularly the case with mechanical drives in laptops, which often get knocked around a fair bit and, as a result, have a limited shelf life. There's also the ongoing risk of losing your data to hackers. Ransomware, for example, can encrypt everything on a hard drive and make it forever inaccessible. These are just some of the reasons why you need a robust data backup solution that you can depend on. Manually backing up your files isn't a practical or suitable option, however, since it provides minimal protection from a complete system failure, and there's always the chance of human error entering the equation.

Enter drive image software - the best possible solution for backing up your data. TeraByte Drive Image Backup creates a complete image of your hard drive or any other digital storage media. That means there's no chance of missing something important - it it's occupying a sector on the source media, then you will have a copy of it. Furthermore, drive image software makes a copy of all your apps, operating system files and all the other content on the device, which makes it a perfect solution when you're replacing your hard drive and don't want to have to manually install everything all over again. You can simply transfer your system disk image to the new drive, and you'll be able to boot up your computer and start using it as though nothing ever happened. That's a lot quicker and easier than starting from scratch every time you replace your PC or simply want to upgrade your hard drive.

TeraByte Drive Image Backup is more than just another backup and data recovery tool, and it does more than just create disk images. In fact, it is a highly versatile and extensively customizable solution that comes with many useful additional features. For example, you can create backups from lots of different types of storage device before copying your archives over to external disks or even uploading them to the cloud for extra safety and accessibility from anywhere. Optical disks are also supported. Furthermore, there's a convenient recovery disk wizard that you can use to restore your disk images quickly and easily with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can back up multiple partitions, create complete byte-by-byte images of your disks or create smaller images by using compression or ignoring unoccupied sectors. Finally, by using the PHYLock and Volume Shadow Copy services, you can safely continue using your computer while disk imaging is in progress - this is especially convenient, since it can take quite some time to create a complete disk image of today's typically massive hard drives!

If you're ready to get started with a new backup strategy, visit today!

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It is an alarming truth that many people do not take their digital security nearly as seriously enough as they should. The 'it will never happen to me' thinking is very common, which is probably why almost half of people do not even bother to lock their smartphones, despite the fact they are among the most likely devices to get lost or stolen. What most people do not seem to realize is that it is so easy for digital data to end up in the wrong hands. This is why you need to take a proactive approach towards protecting your personal data from the files on your computer to the data in your email and other online accounts.

Protect Your Privacy and Security with GlassWire Free Firewall

Keeping your files and data safe and protecting your privacy online starts with your own network, which is why you need a firewall to block any unwanted connections. However, there is much more to security than that alone, and GlassWire Free Firewall provides a range of features to keep you safe online. For example, using the intuitive visual interface, you can immediately detect who or what your networked computers and other devices are talking to. You'll have real-time insights, presented in the form of user-friendly graphs, that will tell you what's connected to your network. It will also show you everything that your PC may have connected to before, thanks to the availability of past logs.

Is your computer starting to behave unusually? Perhaps apps are behaving in a way you are not familiar with or something seems to be hogging all your available processing power or internet bandwidth. These are just a few of the tell-tale signs that your network might be under attack or you have a malware infection. GlassWire Free Firewall also works as a complete anti-malware solution by automatically detecting unusual activities and potentially malicious code, such as viruses and spyware. It will also warn you about any changes to your network settings or any activities of your apps which appear to be out of character. In other words, it uses a smart approach towards proactively identifying threats, even if those threats are not yet publicly known and formally identified. Furthermore, you can monitor every device on your network and receive an automated alert whenever an unknown device joins or tries to join your wireless network.

Keep Ahead of Network Usage Issues

Aside from helping you to securely lock down your network, GlassWire Free Firewall provides a wealth of useful insights. For example, if you are on a metered connection where bandwidth or data is limited, you can keep track of usage to prevent yourself from going over the limit and incurring high fees. You can also look back over logs recorded while you were away to see what your PC and network were doing. The Usage section of the program, for example, lets you see which apps, hosts and traffic types are using your connections and how much data they are consuming.

If you're looking for personal firewall and internet usage software that you can depend on, then look no further than GlassWire Free Firewall at

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What's the first thing people remember about a company? Is it the great customer service, a top-notch product or something else entirely? Chances are, they will remember one of those things, particularly if they had a positive experience, but it's always easy to forget a name. No matter how good its reputation might be, every business needs a branding strategy that helps them to be recognized, and not just remembered. Every brands starts with a logo, which is why corporate logos are among the world's most widely recognized symbols of all. Your logo is one of the defining features of your brand, and people will often recognize it before they remember your name. Consider, for example, the fact that the McDonalds logo is one of the most famous symbols in the world.

What You Need to Design a Great Logo

As you've seen, every branding strategy starts with a logo. This image is designed to capture the essence of your brand and be easy to remember in doing so. In other words, a successful company is defined by the fact that people see its logo and immediately, subconsciously, associate it with a mark of quality and industry authority. The big question is, how do you do that when you're not an expert yourself? Or, perhaps, you don't have the big bucks to pay out to a professional graphic designer and branding expert. One alternative is to cobble something together from a selection of ideas using your favorite vector-editing software, but it is not likely you will be able to come up with something that truly makes a lasting impact. You need to get things right the first time, however - rebranding later will be costly!

How Logo Design Studio Pro Can Help

You might be anxious to design a logo yourself, but it is also important to remember that no one knows your brand better than yourself. Sure, you could onboard a branding professional and graphic designer, but it will cost you a small fortune, and there's always a big chance the results won't be to your liking. Logo Design Studio Pro provides you the tools you need to do the job yourself. With this tool, you can design a logo that perfectly captures the style of your brand, even if you're a complete amateur when it comes to designing computer graphics. That's because this software comes with simple editing tools combined with a vast wealth of fully customizable templates and clipart. You can work with these small graphics without any restrictions, since they are all provided royalty-free.

There are over 2,000 templates to choose from, all of which are categorized by industry, just like the 6,000 plus clipart images that come with it. With that vast combination of assets at your disposal, you're almost certain to find what you need. In the unlikely event that you don't find exactly what you're looking for, there are several add-on packs available as well as simple editing tools for those who prefer to start from scratch. Visit to find out more!

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